Imren H2 Charger

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f you’re looking for a two-tray battery charger to keep you powered up on the go, the H2 Intelligent Charger from Imren might be just what you’re looking for.  It’s got a nice, bright LCD screen to show your setting and progress.  You can use it to charge at different levels – half amp, one amp, and two amps.   This comes with a USB cable.  You can charge other devices from the unit, and you can convert it into a car charger with the adapter that comes with it.    Charges batteries quickly in spring loaded trays.  There is a long list of batteries that it is compatible with.  If you’re using IMR lithium-ion style batteries, they will probably work.  The two trays charge independently, so you can put two different batteries on to charge at the same time. 


Included in the Box:


  • 1x  Imren H2 Charger
  • 1x  12V Wall adapter
  • 1x –Micro USB cord
  • 1x  Car Charging adapter